Elementary Social Studies
Webquests Created By
Great Neck Educators

Webquests Recommended
By Great Neck Educators

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Explorers of the New World
by Mrs. Carle

Adventures in the Artic
by Jane Chatelain
E.M. Baker 3rd Grade Teacher

Native Americans WebQuest
by Joanne Quellette, Lincoln High School Special Education Teacher
and Amy Bisson, Bailey School Grade 2 Classroom Teacher
Rainforest Journey
by Stacie Perlmutter
Saddle Rock 3rd Grade Teacher

Planet WebQuest
by Rita Gunning and Wendy Thomson

The Immigration Experience
by Debra Silverman
E.M. Baker 5th Grade Teacher

Dr. Green's Rainforest Mystery
by Joanne Evans, Krista Hatch, and Kate Markey
Redesigned by Laurie Gingrich, Rebecca Shewman, Rachel Whittenn

Hong Kong
by E.M. Baker 3rd Grade Teachers

Rainforest Vacations?
by Joanna Lederle and Jaclyn Morris

American Revolution
by Staci Marlowe and Kelly Carey
Saddle Rock 4th Grade Teachers

An Aquatic Adventure
by Elizabeth Milligan

Native Americans
by Lori Paul
John F. Kennedy 3rd Grade Teacher

Wanted Explorers!
Unit by Irma Moses and Pat Smoyer
Page created by Brooks Widmaier

by Elaine Sonenberg
Saddle Rock Interage Teacher

The Case of the Missing Trunks (Explorers)
by Brooks Widmaier

Mexico WebQuest
by L Etra, K. L'Abbate, and A. Gerson
Lakeville Teachers

A Nation Divided
by Amy Ford, Technology Resource Teacher
Fayette School District, Kentucky

Colonial Careers WebQuest
by Janene Rowland and Meryl Rosenblum
Saddle Rock Teachers

Colonial American Art
by Jennifer Small

Industrial Revolution WebQuest
by 5th Grade Teachers
Lakeville School

On the Trail Again
by Roxanna Kerwood
eMINTS Cluster Instructional Specialist

DNA WebQuest
by Leslie Watnik
Lakeville School

Who Wants to be a Pioneer?
by Rob Dent and Paula White

Journey to Japan
by Nancy Leek

Meet the Immigrants
by Donna Roberson

All Men Are Created Equal...?
by Judith Lamb

Mexico WebQuest
by Debra Masten