Historic Media Gallery Timeline
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Video History: Principals and Programs of GNPS

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South Middle's HTV (Since 1952) on CBS News
South Middle's HTV (Homeroom Television), a daily,
live-feed broadcast to the school's homeroom classes,
was featured on the CBS Evening News (Ch. 2) with
reporter Jennifer McLogan.

The Principals of JFK
An historic visit by John F. Kennedy School's past principals
as part of the district's 200th Anniversary
and the school's 50th Anniversary.

JFK Museum, Dr. Sue Schulman-Kincaid Dedication Ceremony


Photographic History: The Superintendents of GNPS

Former Superintendents Dr. William A. Shine
and Dr. John L. Miller
These two men served the district as superintendent
for over 50 years combined

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Current Superintendent Dr. Thomas Dolan (center),
Former Superintendent Dr. William A. Shine (left),
and Former Superintendent Dr. Ronald L. Friedman (right)

On the occassion of a special Board of Education Tribute to Larry Gross
and Donald Ashkenase, two long-serving Board Trustees.
Former Superintendent Dr. William A. Shine (left),
Current Superintendent Dr. Thomas Dolan (center),
and Future Superintendent Dr. Teresa Prendergast (right)

On the occassion of a Superintendent's Forum on the
Past, Present, and Future of Education in Great Neck.
Arrow 2015

Four Superintendents
Former Superintendent Dr. William A. Shine (seated),
Former Superintendent Dr. Tom Doaln (left)
Former Superintendent Dr. Ronald Friedman (right)
Superintendent Dr. Teresa Prendergast (center)

Photographic History: The Schools of GNPS

Fairview Avenue School
Great Neck's third, one-room schoolhouse became Postill's Bootmaker Shop



Great Neck's First Two-Room Schoolhouse
This school was located on Arrandale Avenue at the site of
the present senior apartment building.

Thomaston School (School No. 2)
This two-story, five-room schoolhouse was built on what
was later referred to as the Kensington site.



The Village School:
Great Neck's Alternative High School

This school was originally the Union Chapel.
The Arrandale School
Great Neck's first high school was located on the corner
of Middle Neck Road and Arrandale Avenue.
phipps phipps
Phipps Estate Aerial Front and Backyard
Aerial front and backyard views of the Phipps Estate
before South Middle and South High Schools were built.
Kensington Johnson School
This beloved elementary school faced Bond Street.

Great Neck High School Under Construction
This school, now known as John L. Miller Great Neck North
High School, was built with a $1.5 million bond issue.
Saddle Rock School Undated
More information to follow.

Notable Figures, Achievements, and Obituaries

Tom Sobol: NY Times Obituary
and Two Excerpts from My Life in School: A Memoir, by Tom Sobol --
Founding of Village School
, and Village School 25th Anniversary Speech
Tom Sobol, NYS Education Commissioner,
Former GNPS Assistant Superintendent,
and Developer of the Village School

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Historical Artwork and Logos

logo150 art150
150th Anniversary Logo and 150th Anniversary Header
Commemorating the 150th Anniversary of the
Great Neck Public Schools.

Arrow 1964

1998 Arrow
logo header
GNPS Web Site Logo and GNPS Web Site Header
Used for Launch of First Official
Great Neck Public Schools Web Site.
logo200 banner200
200th Anniversary Logo and 200th Anniversary Header
Commemorating the 200th Anniversary of the
Great Neck Public Schools.

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