Student Information System


Great Neck uses the Infinite Campus student information system and the Infinite Campus Parent Portal to manage and share student information with teachers and parents. This page provides information and resources for users of the system. Please check back regularly for updates.

Infinite Campus User Resources (2016)
Campus Instruction and Mobile Portal App

for Teachers
for Parents and Students
Infinite Campus Instruction Grade Book Setup
Campus Mobile Portal App for iOS
Infinite Campus Grade Book Copy Directions
Campus Mobile Portal App for Android OS
Campus Mobile Portal Overview
Campus Portal: Student
Campus Portal: Account Management

Infinite Campus Sneak Peek (2015)
Updated Interface, Two Views, Classroom Instruction Beta, and Teacher Messenger View
Campus Instruction Beta Preview (2015)
A preview of the new Campus Instruction Beta Teacher Tools

Infinite Campus User Resources (2012)
New Teacher Tools

Manuals and Interactive Tutorials
for New Teacher Tools
for New Teacher Tools
Infinite Campus Teacher Manual
courtesy of Custom Computer Specialists, Inc.
New Tools for Teachers 1:
Assignments Tool Workflow
Assignments and Gradebook Manual
courtesy of Custom Computer Specialists, Inc.
New Tools for Teachers 2:
Student Groups
New Tools for Teachers 3:
Daily Planner
New Tools for Teacher 4:
Copy Assignments
New Tools for Teacher 5:
Assignment Marks
Jing Videos
for New Teacher Tools
Courtesy of John Amato, North Middle School

Teacher Preferences>Grading Curves>Creating Categories

Weighting Categories>Creating Assignments


Copyinig Assignments To Other Classes

Copying Assignments From Past School Years To Current Classes

Infinite Campus User Resources (2006-2011)

Mission Statement

Training Handouts

Windows Login Directions

Macintosh Login Directions

Attendance Directions

Core Team

Jing Video Demonstrations

South High Course Request Demo
(Access from 3/5/10-3/26/10)

Who's Your Coach?

Reference Sheets

Daily Attendance Quick Reference

Grading Tasks

Seating Chart

Student Information

Class Roster

Lesson Planner


GradeBook Use

GradeBook Setup

GradeBook Lesson Plan Copier

Daily Planner

Instruction Reports

Instruction Preferences

End Of Year Checklist

Parent Portal Information

Parent Portal Directions

Latest News

Parent Portal