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Board of Education Goals for 2017-18

Each year, the Great Neck Public Schools Board of Education announces its Goals for the coming school year. At the meeting on Oct. 23, the Board announced their Goals for 2017-18, as follows:

1. To reflect on the work of the Advisory Committees to the Board, and review their recommendations for the parameters of membership in subsequent years. (The Board of Education Advisory Committees are: Building, Citizens, and Financial. The chairs of these Committees will present reports at the Nov. 13 Board of Education meeting, at the Parkville School.)

2. To continue our partnership with both our school community and our larger community to best serve the needs of our students, their families, and all of our residents. To this end, the Board will explore holding a community-wide Wellness Fair in the spring of 2018.

3. To monitor the progression of the 2015 Capital Reserve and the 2017 Bond Referendum projects.

4. To expand the number of polling sites for the annual and special school district elections.

5. To assist in the orientation and professional development of our new Board of Education members.


Board of Education Student Delegates

Photo of Board Student Delegates

Great Neck Public Schools Board of Education student delegates, representing the district’s secondary schools, were introduced to the community at the Board meeting on Oct. 23. These non-voting delegates, selected by their schools, are encouraged to express opinions about educational and student matters, to voice school issues or concerns, and to take pertinent Board agenda items back to their respective schools. Board President Barbara Berkowitz explained that, after the Board speaks, delegates may speak on matters of importance before members of the audience are invited to speak. Ms. Berkowitz also thanked the students for their service and for volunteering their time to represent their schools at Board of Education meetings. The Board has been in the vanguard regarding student participation in school affairs, initiating student delegates in 1975, a practice New York State did not require until 2005.

North High School student delegates - Kelly Chau, Alan Chau, Lance Hakimian, and Joseph Harooni.

South High School student delegates - Perry Choo, Daniel Moon, Katelyn Pramberger, and Lauren Wong.

Village School student delegate - Maxwell Silverstein.

North Middle School student delegates - Mia Carrillo, Joshua Picker, and Sahar Tartak.

South Middle School student delegates - Grace Fong, Dana Kagan, and Malina Khan.


NYS Honor Concert Band Winners

Nine Great Neck Public Schools students from North High School, South High School, and South Middle School have been accepted to perform in Honor Concert Bands at the New York State Band Directors Association (NYSBDA) Honor Concert Bands Conference. One student was named an Alternate. Honor Concert Band performances will be held in Syracuse, in early March 2018, and will be conducted by college wind-ensemble directors. Students were selected for the Honor Concert Bands by a statewide panel of NYSBDA music educators who evaluated recordings of student performances.

High School Honor Concert Band - Joshua Rothbaum (clarinet) has been selected from North High. This is the second year in a row that he has received this honor. Joshua is a student of Joseph Rutkowski. Participating from South High School will be Ryan Cheng (bass clarinet), Eli Goldberger (clarinet 1), and Emily Jung (clarinet 3). This is Ryan’s second year in a row to receive this honor. Noah Sheidlower (trumpet) was selected as an Alternate. These students are taught by Mark Boschen and Michael Schwartz, performing arts department head.

Middle School Honor Concert Band - South Middle School participants in the Middle School Honor Concert Band will be Chloe Chan (flute), Celine Hong (flute), Jongwon Kim (alto saxophone), Joy Song (clarinet), and Sophia Wotman (trumpet). Their teacher is Alan Schwartz, music department head.